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Team of the Season (TOTS) in FIFA is a promo event which focuses on the very best players from this season from each league all around the world. TOTS is typically the most anticipated promo event of the year, and a chance to try out some of the best players from around the globe. 

At the time of writing this blog, we have no indication of what the FIFA Team of the Season team could look like. However, players who have received multiple informs this year, you could expect that these players will be included in the Team of the Season when it rolls round. 

For example, starting off in the premier league, a player like Raheem Sterling could potentially be featured in this BPL TOTS as currently he has received not one, not two, but 6 special cards in FIFA as well as an upgrade based on his real life performance back in January.

Previously, EA have released special cards in Ultimate Team only attainable through SBC's, these cards will also be TOTS cards, but as mentioned earlier, we have no formal announcement from EA at this time.

How to prepare for TOTS in FIFA?

The best way to prepare for TOTS in FIFA is to buy coins from MuleFactory. This is the only way to ensure you can afford all of the new SBC's and any new items that EA may release into the game. Make sure to check our site for the cheapest FIFA coins.

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