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EA Sports most popular game mode turns 15 this year (2023). Ultimate team has been in the FIFA franchise since FIFA 09 and later this month, will be the game mode's 14th birthday. As a result, you can bet EA will go all-out with new content.

Following a tough couple of months for EA, anticipation is slowly growing as we the FIFA community gets closer to the 14th anniversary of Ultimate Team. Many in the community are saying this could be the biggest promo event in FIFA and perhaps even in FIFA history.

Earlier this month Belgium's governing body announced that FIFA points will not be sold throughout the country. This in combination with a myriad of different factors has made the past few months somewhat difficult for EA.

In this blog post, MuleFactory will be taking a look at what you can expect from EA in the run up to the new FIFA FUT Birthday event.


What is the FUT Birthday Event?

Cristiano Ronaldo was released in a RW to honour his time at Manchester United, for example.

In addition we also saw a number of squad building challenges released during the FIFA FUT Birthday promo. All of which had relatively cheap requirements and utilised the release of the FIFA St. Patricks Day cards which were attained through weekly objectives.

When is the FUT Birthday Event?

In previous instalments of FIFA, FUT Birthday has typically fell at the end of March. FUT Birthday should be released around the same date in EAFC24. Last year, in FIFA 23, FUT Birthday fell on the 16th of March with the announcement being released at 2PM UK time.

What can we expect in FIFA?

But what can we expect in FIFA? Well, the possibilities are endless. However, with FIFA being heavily criticised by both the community and the press, EA have to do something big to keep interest in this year's game.

Squad building challenges are somewhat a guarantee for FUT Birthday. They're easy to release and if we see something challenging, the community overall will be kept busy aside from just playing the game.

However, with gameplay being a mixed bag this year, EA may need to release some daily and weekly objectives to ensure that users continue to play the game. With the release of the St. Patrick's Day promo around the same time as FUT Birthday, we could indeed see a combination of gameplay and squad building challenges included in this year's FUT Birthday.

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