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Back in 2016, EA introduced a brand new game mode into Ultimate Team called the FUT Draft. The FUT Draft was added in FIFA 16 to ensure that people had more than one game mode to play within Ultimate Team.

The premise of FUT Draft is simple. You pick a position within a squad and you'll be greeted with five players to choose from. Once you choose a player, they'll fill that position within your squad. The aim of FUT Draft is to win four games in a row at the end of which, you'll receive a Reward for doing so.

FUT Draft will be making a return in EAFC24, however, there may be a few things that will be slightly different in the new game. As a result, we wanted to write a blog post which took a closer look at FUT Draft in FIFA 24. We'll be answering some frequently asked questions relating to the ever-popular mode in FIFA.

After you've chosen your Captain, you'll have to fill out the rest of your 22-man squad by picking players in each position. As you choose different positions, you'll be once again met with a series of players to choose from. These can range from Silver Cards, all the way up to the best Cards in the game such as Team of the Year Cards.

Once your squad is complete, you'll have your team for your FUT Draft matches. You'll play roughly four games each time you play depending on your results in each game. If you win a game, you'll go to the next round until you win the FUT Draft which will be a duration of four games.

After you win the FUT Draft you'll win a number of prizes. Typically, these will be pack Rewards, however, in EAFC24, you'll have a number of rewards to choose from in addition to Packs.

What are the FIFA 24 FUT Draft Rewards?

The rewards within the FUT Draft are often quite varied. One thing to consider is that, regardless of your individual results or how you played, you'll get the same kind of rewards. If you play well, that doesn't mean you'll get better Rewards.

Packs, coins and FUT Draft Tokens are the Rewards which are currently available within FIFA. However, this is set to change upon the release of FIFA 24 but at this stage, there is no specific information to what the rewards will be.

How to Build the Best FIFA 24 FUT Draft Team

So, you've decided that FUT Draft actually sounds like a good idea. But how do you build the best team?

In FUT Draft, it can be easy to find yourself distracted when picking your players. Some of the best players in the game will be available to you for the very first time. However, don't let this allow you to stray from the overall aim of FUT Draft. You want to get the Rewards. Once you complete this Draft these players won't be available to play with anymore, so prioritising Rewards is a must if you want to succeed in FUT Draft.

Chemistry should be your main priority when building your team. Without Chemistry, the best players in the game won't perform well together, so even if you have the highest-rated team, you will be putting yourself at massive risk by playing with less Chemistry.

Make sure to check out our other post on The Basics of Building a FIFA Ultimate Team Squad.

In order to play FUT Draft you'll need Coins. So, make sure to check our site upon the release of FIFA 24 for the cheapest FIFA 20 Coins. Also, make sure to constantly check our blog for the latest EAFC24 news.

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