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One aspect of EAFC24 Ultimate Team that has been due for improvement for some time are the Objectives within Ultimate Team. Objectives were added into Ultimate Team back in FIFA 19 after years of community outcry.

Season Objectives are broken down into three categories in FIFA 23. Starter Objectives, Daily Objectives and Weekly Objectives are currently the only Objectives which can be completed within FIFA 23.

However, in EAFC24, these Objectives have been completed redesigned aiming to make Objectives more engaging within the game. As good as the current Objectives are in Ultimate Team, they're quite basic and simple aren't worth the time completing in a lot of cases.

-Daily Objectives - these are simple tasks which are released every day and will contribute towards XP which you can then redeem within the Season Rewards tab. These will automatically release each day and will expire after 24 hours.

-Weekly Objectives - the Weekly Objectives are groups of objectives which have rewards and XP which will count toward your Season Rewards. However, in case you miss one week's objectives they will stay active within Ultimate Team for a 2nd week.

-Season Objectives - these Season Objectives are long term challenges which take a while to complete. These will be launched upon the release of FIFA 24 and will stay in the game until the last day of the season.

-Dynamic Objectives - these are special time-limited release Objective Groups which will not have a strict schedule similar to flash Squad Building Challenges. These may be tied to campaigns or real world events.

In the run up to the release of EAFC24, we'll be posting up to date news and information about the game, so make sure to check our site to keep up to date with the latest FIFA 24 blog posts from MuleFactory.

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