Conquerors of the Atlas


In this article, we will cover the contents of the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion and what it offers to players during Path of Exile's vast endgame. 

The expansion offers five bosses and a compelling storyline set in an alternate timeline where instead of the player, the Elderslayers defeated the Shaper and the Elder.

Some tips:
-Players must stay on the move to escape the Vipers and Wyverns that Al-Hezmin spawns since they do constant projectile attacks, and assault him as and when he becomes exposed.

-It's best to stay moving throughout the battle, but you should avoid diving into the acid pool because it can be fatal in some situations.

Baran, the Crusader:
The player's first encounter with an endgame boss during the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion was Baran, the Crusader, who is the brother of Commander Kirac. Baran was a pious man who enjoyed engaging in philosophical debates with other Elderslayers. Long exposure to the Atlas caused him to gradually go insane, start berating his friends and eventually suspect them of "dragging him from his righteous path" to becoming God himself.
Baran's arena is a square 4 by 4 grid. His Mana Rune ability (after a short windup) causes a cross of 7 mana runes to appear where the player is standing which lasts for 2 rotations and deals lightning damage over Time while draining Mana. Runes will not refresh if overlapping existing runes. Baran deals heavy lightning damage. He is the only Conquerer who deals this type of damage.

Some tips:
-The Runes tiles and lightning shots must be avoided because they can be fatal, and players must keep moving constantly.
-Although Baran's assaults have a slow and telegraphed wind-up, they are incredibly powerful. Keep moving between assaults and retaliate before each one.
-Most builds may be easily one-shot by Baran's lightning strike, which consists of three lightning bolts fired in a narrow spread. During this part, keep moving at all times.
-Baran's rune cast and ground slam both have extremely long startup periods, so prepare when he's using them.
-To maximize your safe zone area while Baran is channeling his runes, stand near the corners of the arena.

Drox, the Warlord:
The unofficial commander of the Conquerors who collectively took it upon themselves to purge the Atlas of the Elders during the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion was Drox, the Warlord. Drox was a natural leader who had always been an excellent warrior. Over time, though, he began to spiral into insanity, and his vision of creating his kingdom in the Atlas was replaced by a ruthless struggle to establish his system of justice there.

Some tips:
-Drox frequently casts a battle flag that raises both himself and the neighboring monsters' defense.
-Banners can be destroyed by players to make the battle less challenging.
-Monsters frequently enter the region from the arena's four sides.
-To evade the devastating Glove Slam Impact assault, which sees a huge glove materialize above the player and slam the ground while delivering a lot of Physical damage, players must also keep moving.
-It's advised to stay moving throughout the battle.

Sirius, Awakener of Worlds:
The Exiles that Zana enlisted to kill the Elders in the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion were actually led by Sirus, the Awakener. He was regarded as intelligent and determined, and he was Zana's lover. Sirus was killed as a result of taking the bulk of the energy that was unleashed during the Elder's sealing. He came back to the Atlas as a vastly destructive force awakening and changing the landscape.

Sirius is one of the most difficult bosses in Path of Exile so preparation is strongly advised against him. He deals fatal amounts of damage from every element, including chaos. Also, his attacks are quite complex and can one-shot most build types if you are hit directly. You must heavily rely on dodging and movement skills to survive. 

Some tips:
-Have at least one million damage per second.
-You should aim for capped elemental resistances: 75% for fire, cold, and lightning.
-Resistance to chaos is not required but highly advised for the fight.
-Any Jewel that has the implicit mod: Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you or a Resistance and Ailment Protection Mastery with the same effect.
-Ryslatha Pantheon Power- Sirus does not generate any adds during the battle and only awards flask charges once the first three phases have been completed.
-Have a combined Life and Energy Shield of at least 6,000 and a trustworthy source of recovery.
-Modest mitigation or avoidance measures, such as reduction of physical damage, armor, block, and suppression of spells.
-You should also use some form of movement skill against his advanced attacks such as Lightning Warp, Blink Arrow, or Flame Dash. We suggest teleports rather than skills that physically move you like Leap Slam or Shield Charge.

We hope this guide helped you gain some info on the bosses of the Siege of the Atlas. Stay tuned for more guides on Path of Exile and other games.

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