Eldritch Horrors in Path of Exile


Path of Exile offers a diverse and huge amount of content for its endgame players. After finishing the epilogue you will face the first of the many challenges that await players after completing the epilogue: The Eldritch Horrors. In this guide, we will go over the boss group's members, their abilities and how to deal with them. 

After you gain access to maps via the Atlas of Worlds, the Horrors compete for control against the Maven over the Atlas. Canonically the two Horrors are The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds, however, their sub-bosses are also considered a part of their group.

The Black Star:
The sub-boss for The Searing Exarch. When the Black Star unleashes Astral Avalanche, hide behind the pillars on the blue side of the arena. (The pillars of the red side will fall.) Make sure you are facing the right distance away from the meteors. The Black Star is always in the direction of the center as the meteors fall.
When the Black Star launches her beam, hide behind the pillars on the red side of the arena. (The pillars of the blue part will give way.) The Black Star will strafe a little bit while making this strike.
Being in the red or blue areas, respectively, grants you a debuff that makes you more vulnerable to fire damage and a debuff that makes you more vulnerable to cold damage.
An alternate strategy is to gather stacks of the Crushing Darkness debuff (red area) before Astral Avalanche and stacks of the Crushing Darkness debuff (blue area) before the beam. Both of these debuffs can be used strategically to lessen the damage you take from the opposing element, allowing you to comfortably survive the onslaught.

The Searing Exarch:
After a few attempts, you will be generally familiar with this boss's most damaging attacks because his dialogue telegraphs most of them.
The moving meteor wall is what you should really be on the lookout for.
Fortunately, body-blocking rolling meteors with minions like Frost Wall, Totems, and Summon Skeletons will destroy them. Be aware that it will cause an AOE explosion that, that could still strike the character.
Using teleportation movement abilities like Flame Dash, players can move through rolling meteor walls without taking damage.

The Eater of Worlds:
This boss, like his brethren, frequently uses dialogue to hint at impending large assaults so that you can prepare.
You should be cautious of the moving orbs in the arena when fighting this boss. When touched, the moving orbs apply the "Drowning" debuff, which has a 3-second timer. Failing to exit the orb to remove the debuff results in death three seconds later. The orbs move toward the player while they are facing away from them, and the opposite is true when they are facing the player.

With both Horrors, you should avoid rolling the Buffered - 13% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area, 8% increased Rarity of Items found in this Area, Monsters gain (40-49)% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield (Prefix) invitation mod. This makes both bosses noticeably difficult as it heavily increases their effective health total.

We hope this guide will help you conquer one of your first struggles during the endgame. Stay tuned for more guides on PoE!

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