Path of Exile Lore - The Beginning


Without any doubt Path of Exile's world is filled with intriguing stories. Whether you take a deeper look at some of the NPC characters, Wraeclast and its many locations, or even the daunting foes and bosses of the game are all very well-written. In this article series about the game's lore, we will explore many aspects of the game's story, so if you are an aspiring loremaster or just wish to learn about PoE's world some more this is a great place for you to start. 

First off let's introduce the two most basic elements of the game: Wraeclast, the continent where the vast majority of the game takes place and you, The Exile.

Act 1 begins with you washing up on the shores after surviving a shipwreck. You seem to be the only survivor and after talking to a dying exile he points you toward the ruins of the lighthouse where you may seek sanctuary. After fighting off the undead you finally reach the safety of Lioneye's watch where you meet Nessa, Tarkleigh, and Bestel. The former two are the defacto Mother and Father for the people of Lioneye's watch. Here you will mostly complete tasks to aid the people of this safe heaven. The main boss of this area will be Merveil, the Siren.

Through the years, she had more and more children, but it cannot be logically explained how. Her countless spawns roam the shoreline, luring sailors to their demise with their sweet singing. The jewel now fully possessed her, imbuing her with powerful magic.

You have to take her down once and for all to stop her reign of terror against unbeknownst sailors and unfortunate wanderers who happen upon her lair.

This wraps up the first part of the deep lore article series. Stay tuned for more!

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