Path of Exile Lore - Act II and act III


Without any doubt Path of Exile's world is filled with intriguing stories. Whether you take a deeper look at some of the NPC characters, Wraeclast and its many locations, or even the daunting foes and bosses of the game are all very well-written. In this article series about the game's lore, we will explore many aspects of the game's story, so if you are an aspiring loremaster or just wish to learn about PoE's world some more this is a great place for you to start. 

In the second act of the game, you go further inland. Bandits have set up camp at different locations amongst the forest, riverways and caves. They raid the small settlement nearby for food and spoils. In the northern parts of the region, ominous spirits are causing trouble.

Other NPCs you will meet here are Eramir, Silk and Helena.
Eramir appears to be nearly universally regarded across The Forest Encampment for his immense knowledge and wisdom, even though he is also an exile and not of the Azmeri tribe (he was formerly a librarian at the great library of Oriath). He seems to be much more knowledgeable about Azmeri history than they are, and he thanks them for taking him in and giving him a new home by imparting his knowledge to them. He can, however, exhibit excessive paranoia in some situations, and it appears that his go-to response for any possibly harmful relic is to throw it into the river.

Similar to Greust, it is unclear what Silk's precise job in the Encampment is. However, it appears that hunting is his primary occupation, and the two evidently have a hostile relationship in which they both accuse each other of lying and cowardice. But he seems to favor less commonplace hobbies, like singing songs and telling tales.

Helena is an ex-Templar who, having witnessed Piety's insane ambitions and brutality while being in her service, ultimately decides to turn on her after being saved from a dreadful death at the hands of Fidelitas - after the rest of her unit had been killed and Piety left, leaving Helena behind.

After completing tasks for the people of the encampment, and effectively breaking a seal an ominous force begins to seep out which you have to stop in order to save the forest. You have to travel to its source, the ancient pyramid, to fight whatever is the root of the problem. Here, you will find the Vaal Oversoul, an amalgam of dark energy and artifacts. This boss might be tricky for new players because you can't just tank this boss out. If you struggle we suggest reading our boss guide to help you breeze through this battle. After defeating the boss you can enter the next act which will take place in the ruins of a once-famed city, Sarn. 

The city is inhabited by undead and Blackguard soldiers from Oriath. Dominus and Piety conduct cruel tests in their laboratories in order to uncover the power of the virtue gems.

In this act your main goal will be to stop Dominus and Piety, while helping out those who have suffered the consequences of their thirst for power. 

We have already met Piety in the prior acts searching for thaumaturgical artifacts and writings and she always managed to get away from us. A Blackguard party is holding a young woman, Clarissa, captive in the City of Sarn. After releasing Clarissa from the Blackguards, she informs the player that Piety has kidnapped her and her lover, Tolman. Clarissa requests that you locate Tolman in the Crematorium, where he is still being held captive by Piety. As expected, the player encounters Piety and Tolman in the Crematorium, but after a brief skirmish, Piety manages to flee once more. After traveling through Sarn, the player is given the mission by Grigor to find Piety in the Lunaris Temple, which is set west across the river that divides Sarn. Piety had transformed Lunaris Temple into her personal laboratory, in which she and her colleagues are trying to breed new Gemlings from people. This has failed to bear fruit; rather, the once-beautiful Lunaris Temple is now overrun with heinous miscreants. Piety is ultimately slain by the Exile in Lunaris' lowest level. After you defeat her, you will be able to access the door found in the imperial gardens, which is your path straight toward Dominus' laboratory at the Scepter of Gods.

After you kill Dominus at the summit of the tower, you can progress to act 4. 

This wraps up the second part of the deep lore article series. Stay tuned for more!


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