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The unique shield called Aegis Aurora is the most popular among Path of Exile (PoE) players who use Energy Shield (ES) based builds, but can only be used with a one-handed weapon in the hero's main hand. While Energy Shield builds are more difficult to master than their Hit Point (HP) counterparts and one might find them a bit confusing initially, they can be even more powerful. The character automatically recharges energy shield every second, based on their max amount of ES. When a creature hits the character, the damage is taken from the Energy shield first (except for Chaos Damage), calculating your damage reduction from resists or armor depending on the type of damage you take (elemental or physical) just like with HP. There is a small delay after the last hit is taken before your ES starts recharging. This delay can be reduced with items and passive points. However, using Aegis Aurora, your Energy Shield will also recharge with every blocked spell or melee attack. This amount also depends on your max ES, because it will replenish 2% of the maximum amount (for Legacy Aegis Aurora, this amount is even more, 4%).

Using Aegis Aurora, Energy Shield based characters can be just as, or even more durable than HP builds. Additionally, while the hero has any energy shield remaining, it grants an additional 50% chance to avoid being stunned. The item also gives you 5% maximum cold resistance, 10% to all elemental resistances and 20% increased elemental damage with weapons. While this is a very powerful and commonly used unique shield, it can be bought at a cheap price at our huge item store, or can be traded in game with Exalted Orbs, for example. You can also buy PoE currency at us and trade them for this item in game.

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