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Path of Exile

Path of Exile may seem like a daunting game with its many systems for new players. Our guide aims to help beginners accommodate themselves with the basics of the game. We collected some helpful information for starting your journey in Wreaclast.


For beginners, we suggest choosing the current softcore league, which luckily is also the default league. There is also the standard league which is a permanent ongoing league. Also, if you want a challenge, you can always try out the hardcore league of the aforementioned two. 

Hybrid classes use a combination of the main three attributes instead of focusing on just one.
Templar is a hybrid of strength and intelligence. He can be an effective spellcaster or specialize in elemental-based attacks. This class mainly uses staves and sceptres.
Duelist is a hybrid of strength and dexterity. He combines evasion and attack speed with armor, making him a reliable close-range class. This class mainly uses swords and axes.
Shadow is a hybrid of dexterity and intelligence. He can deal massive critical hits and also utilizes damage over time effects and traps to hinder his foes. This class mainly uses daggers and claws.
Also, there is a seventh class. The Scion is a class that becomes accessible to players after rescuing her in the third act of the game before the final boss. Generally speaking, this class has a different learning curve than the others since she is aligned with all three of the main attributes, offering the most flexibility out of all the classes. 
Since the game is so diverse you may find it difficult to build your first character for this purpose we offer full equipment for the most popular PoE builds around.



Regarding equipment, first, let's talk about armor. There are three different types of bonuses an armor gives you. Armor makes you take less physical damage from attacks. Evasion increases your chance of evading an attack. And energy shield, which, simply put, is a regenerating shield on top of your health bar. It is also worth to mention, that armors can have up to six sockets, which make them a viable option to put your main skill gem and its support gems into it.

Of course, you need to somehow annihilate the hordes of enemies found in the game, that's where weapons come into the picture. For starters, be on the lookout for weapons that amplify your active skill in some way and provide the most DPS for you.
Sometimes you may get lucky and find a unique item. While there are some good, even great unique items you will find that most of them are quite specialized and require a very specific build to make them worth-while. If you have a hard time finding your desired unique fear not, you can find all of them in our shop. 



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