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When it comes to Path of Exile, you always expect some really cool and fun stuff from its updates and the new 3.7 update is not disappointing, as always. We can expect some epic, cool stuff that a lot of people will be excited about. If you are passionate about PoE but you wanted some new content after Synthesis, then this might very well be something that you will like a lot. There are some rather significant changes coming with 3.7.

What is Path of Exile Legion about?
In Path of Exile Legion you will need to free legions of Wraeclast from the endless battle and you will try to defeat those enemies in combat. As you do that you will get rewards. There’s a great challenge league, some new cool items, gems, the melee combat is overhauled and there are many other cool nifty things too.

Timeless Monoliths
When you start the Legion league you will find multiple monoliths inside the game. If you tag them you will find a conflict between multiple legions. As you damage the monolith you will have to prepare yourself to fight the monsters. Obviously some of the monsters are super powerful, so you will end up dealing with lots of risk and reward here. But it can help you immensely and it might very well offer rewarding results.

Another thing to note here is that enemies from the five legions are dropping splinters and those will combine in order to create an emblem. If you place two or more emblems you will be able to access the domain of timeless conflict, here the battle of the legions will happen. If you unlock the upgraded map device you will be able to fight in the conflict between the five legions. It’s cool, interesting and certainly one of the nicer things out there for all players.

This is a new thing, but a worthy addition to Path of Exile Legion. Monsters can drop Incubators which you can attach to any piece of your gear. While you kill monsters wearing the incubators after a certain amount you will get a guaranteed item drop. Incubators can be common, uncommon and super rare versions. Incubators are counting party member kills too.
Having this does make cooperative play a lot more fun. There were not incentives to play with friends, but this really changes the way you approach it and in the end it’s just a truly beautiful and also quite mesmerizing experience too.

New skills
New update, new skills. This is pretty much granted every time you see Path of Exile come up with a new major update or league. This time you have new skills in the form of Flesh and Stone, Blood and Sand and Bladestorm. Their names are pretty much suggesting what they do, but these are all bringing in a whole lot of value and a new set of great attacks to characters. It might take a bit of time to get used to them but you do wantto check those out.

Game mechanics are updated
They did include quite a lot of new updates to game mechanics. For example, now the skill animations can be canceled before or after you deal damage. You can even queue skills, something that a lot of people have been asking for quite some time to be honest. Namelocking is not as precise as it used to be though. It’s great that at least you won’t be able to namelock dead enemies.

If you hold down a skill and then target an enemy, you will attack him too. They also removed the wind up time on the movement skills. But they did make sure that targeting and pathfinding are a lot more consistent.
We also like the fact that the attacks now have a lot of attack multipliers too. And aside from this they also worked on damage timing, hitboxes and skill ranges too, which is super exciting. The single target melee skills will be able to hit multiple enemies if they are in range too. It should have been like that, now it’s going to be the default.
Also, melee skills have a larger base stun duration and they will also deliver stuns a lot faster. The chance to hit can go to 100%, which is really good. However, almost all enemies have a block chance now, so while there are upsides there are also some downsides in there too. Changes to poison and bleeding are coming too, so consider that as well.

Item balance
When it comes to item balance, they increased the attack speed and range for the New Lavianga’s Wisdom. Also, some daggers are unable to roll attack mods anymore. And the flat elemental damage is lowered for the abyss jewels. Yet if you have weapons, the flat elemental damage will be increased, which is a treat. Also, they are adding Dark Dreams and Alluring Bounty, which are 2 divination cards.

Passive tree changes
Another thing to notice here is that they also brought in some changes to the passive tree too. They are bringing reworks for most of the melee ascendancy classes. The Necromantic Aegis seems to be removed and the nodes after MoM also seems to be removed. There’s no 100% on this, but it seems to be removed, and that would be a bummer.

Great new and exciting jewels
The new jewels in the game tend to work quite nicely and they have a cool spin on all of this. The number in the mods is a seed and that determines the effect of that jewel. They are also conquering all the passives in the radius. It’s a very cool idea and one amazing effect that does end up getting even better as you go along. The seed can be divined, which is a major plus for a lot of people for sure. 
Each one of the jewels has its own rules when it comes to modifying the passives, but it’s still a nice change of pace and it does tend to work quite well. The passives can’t be modified by other jewels however, so once you go with a jewel and a passive, you are committing to it. Obviously there are some challenges related to this, but for the most part it will be great.

As a whole we find Path of Exile Legion to be very exciting, but also quite challenging too. It’s a very interesting update to say the least, but we can expect some challenges to arise with it as well. However, it’s a great change of pace from Synthesis and we can assume that the gameplay will be even better especially with the major changes, melee modifications and so on. It’s bound to end up quite impressive in the end, especially if you are a fan of the game and want to try out some cool new things.

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