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Path of Exile is always striving to add new content and challenges, and with Synthesis it manages to bring in the best of both worlds. Unlike the previous expansions, this one is focused mostly on offering people more control over items and world areas.

This expansion is moderately focused on story. Its primary focus is a new NPC whose name is Cavas.
The interesting thing about Cavas is that he is a spirit and we need to help him restore his memories. The way we do that is by finding and stabilizing some of his memory fragments. As you can imagine, Path of Exile: Synthesis comes with a new challenge league and you will notice that every challenge league area has its own portal to a memory. Cavas will open that memory and we will have to step in there.

But of course there's also a twist. When you are placing a memory fragment, you will notice that you will have only a few runs before it vanishes. The final run actually has the decay effect that has the same effect you had with the stabilization. Boss memories and rewards will decay after the first run and the nodes that vanish will be replaced with some new fragments. There's always a sense of freshness as you play and that's the thing that really pushes you to the next level and which takes you to new heights all the time.

When it comes to new item options, there are synthesized items and fractured items. The fractured ones are only in memories. But because they are coming from a memory that decays, they are also decaying. You will not be able to change properties, and that means you will have to stick to those properties. Some of these will have very good benefits, others less so. Which means you have to pay a lot of attention as  you try to figure out the right solution and with good benefits. It will take a little bit of time to acquire all the results you want and the outcome will be among some of the best all the time.

Another important aspect of POE Synthesis is that there will be a spell rebalance. They are doing this because they want to make sure all of them have the same power level. Also, a lot of people don’t cast spells because that doesn'’t seem very valuable to them. So adding this approach does make a lot of sense. Developers said that players are trying to avoid spellcasting themselves, so this system is set to help them quite a bit.

Of course, all the Path of Exile: Synthesis expansion content will be available free of charge. That really goes to show just how much they are supporting the game and how people enjoy it so much. These changes are actively refreshing and they are bringing in some great benefits for the entire process. It does tend to pay off really well as a whole and we might enjoy it quite a bit just because it’s so different and enticing as a whole. People love Path of Exile because it always encourages you to improve and test out new characters. And that’s what you get here as well.

Path of Exile Synthesis will arrive on March 8 on PC, however it will be 3 days later on Xbox and on PS4 it will be a week or two after that. So PC is getting this first as always, and then you will have the other platforms soon following in. There’s not a lot of waiting time, as always the developers are announcing this just a few weeks earlier to build up hype. The new spellcasting approach, interesting dream system and the addition of the older content to the main campaign is really nice and POE Synthesis is set to be quite a comprehensive package.

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