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Path of Exile Delirium arrives March 13 2020!

Path of Exile Delirium is the newest expansion for Path of Exileand this time around, we are entering in the world of Delirium. The interesting thing here is that we have a very mysterious affliction that entered our minds, and it’s a place where nightmares come to life. It really brings in a lot of new challenges and content to the game, while also offering creative new ideas for you to explore. 

Defeating the nightmare in a cool way

Horrific, yet familiar
One of the top things about Path of Exile Delirium is that it adds new content, but it still retains that sense of familiarity you need from a game like this. And the deeper you go into the expansion, the more challenging things can be. But that also means the rewards can be really good. So you need to see what matters for you and how far you are willing to go to complete the missions and challenges in front of you. 
This is really interesting and it clearly shows just how fun the game is and how creative it can get most of the time. It’s an amazing game for sure, and with the new addition it gets better and better. If you become too greedy, that can be a problem because you will end up with very challenging situations. That’s why you really need to assess the situation and see what you are doing. If everything is done adequately, you can get some amazing rewards. But you can also end up killing your character if you push it too much. Getting drawn into madness is not a pleasant experience, but it can actually bring in some amazing opportunities in the end.

Everything is different
Even if you go to a location that you mastered before, now things are different. The enemies will be more challenging but the rewards will also be great too. Only if you’re daring enough you will be able to exploit the Delirium to amp up the older conflicts. But that’s really fun and it brings you the coolness of the experience while still generating a lot of excitement. 

Orbs can help
Path of Exile Delirium allows you to add orbs to the endgame maps. As a result, you get to have control over how powerful Delirium can really get. When you are under the influence of the orb, you will be into Delirium for the entire map. You can add up to 5 orbs if you want, so the encounters can end up being extremely challenging. Of course, you can start with just a single orb if you want, but you can ramp things up and really push the boundaries to make the experience even more intense and interesting. Granted, the more you ramp up the difficulty, the better the results can get in the end.

There’s a new feature in Path of Exile Delirium named the Simulacrum. You can find splinters and combine them to create this, it’s a new realm where you need to go through a portal. The idea with this is that you want to survive the Endgame Delirium challenge, which can become increasingly powerful and full of different things for you to eliminate and deal with. That’s really nice, and it can make a huge difference. 

Skills, support gems and items
You have 4 new skill gems and 3 different support gems. The design is great and everything is versatile so it can bring in a much better and more rewarding experience without rushing in any way and making things more cohesive if possible. There are also new items. There are divination cards and new items that help you boost the power of your build.

All in all, Path of Exile Delirium seems to be a really good expansion for the game. It comes with some creative ideas while also pushing the boundaries and offering something new. It’s definitely exciting, and you will find it a pleasure to explore and enjoy. It also comes soon, so you might want to give it a try for yourself. 


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