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PoE: Echoes of the Atlas is the latest expansion coming to the game, and what makes it great is that it finally focuses on the endgame. However, it brings in pretty much a lot of new things for everyone. It has more than just new builds, loot and activities like any other expansion. It focuses mostly on making the endgame a lot more fun, with new skill trees, systems and bosses for you to check out. So yes, it's interesting to see how it all adds up here, and it brings in a lot of fun and exciting opportunities. 
Aside from the Endgame content, the title is also allowing you to perform rituals in a dedicated ritual league. You will have access to 19 different Ascendancy classes, find new items and a whole lot more. Adding in new content like this is exciting, it allows players to test their skills, while also immersing themselves into the experience and getting more endgame loot. It's the best of both worlds, and everyone gets to enjoy it.
The Maven
If you manage to achieve that, then you will actually be able to take on the Maven herself. This is not a small feat, as she is very powerful, so you really have to use all your skills and power in order to defeat her. It's still exciting to test your powers and see if you have what it takes to actually defeat such a powerful being.
Atlas passive trees
PoE: Echoes of the Atlas also brings in some new Atlas passive trees. These are designed to help you augment all the content that comes your way. You will also be able to receive rewards when you explore specific regions. It's nothing earth-shattering, but we like the fact that they added this option there, as it just enhances the gameplay and makes the entire experience a lot more exciting. You have something to play towards, and it can only get better and better as a result. It might not impact the game as much as the change mentioned above, but it's still a great way to boost the life of the game while also rewarding players.
11 new maps
We always want new maps in PoE, and Echoes of the Atlas is bringing us 11 new maps. There are lots of amazing, challenging boss encounters and these are a lot of fun. The thing to notice here is that there is a lot more variety when it comes to maps and their locations. There are forests, tombs, sand dunes, icy regions and so on. There's quite a lot of content to be excited here, and in the end that can be very engaging and rewarding.
Ritual league
The new league is a combat league where you will deal with a higher and higher wave of monsters. You will be within a ritual circle and you have to kill the enemies. The more enemies you kill, the better the rewards you can get. It's exciting and it shows that you can easily improve your gameplay and have fun all the time. Do remember that successive rituals in an area will give you better rewards. That being said, the gameplay will also get harder and harder, so there's that.
Enhancing rituals
As you play the endgame, you can acquire ritual vessels. You can use these to itemize the monsters from a ritual. You can have up to 43 of these on the map device, as well as a map where you can add the monsters to the rituals found there. Vessels are also increasing the monster density. This can come in handy especially where you have the Delirium and Beyond mechanics on a map.
Reworked classes
They modified the elementalist, inquisitor and deadeye. They want to redistribute the power within the Ascendancy passive trees. As a result, you can have more powerful characters, while also being able to increase the customizability of the entire process. It's just an exciting approach, and one that does make a huge difference.
It's also important to note that Harvest is back. This time around, you have portals where you can find established gardens with sets of harvests you can get right away. You can also get lifeforce to improve your items.
Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas is set out to be a great addition especially for those that wanted more endgame content. The new update manages to add a lot of new content, while also reworking some of the old stuff. Plus, new loot and exciting new challenges including boss runs are indeed going to engage you into even more Path of Exilebuilds and experiments. Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas launches January 15 on PC and on the 20th for PlayStation and Xbox.
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