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POE is getting a new update once again, and this time around we are going on with some thieves in order to do some heists. Named POE Heist, the new update is bringing in some new regions and at the same time we also find amazing rewards and new ways to play. It’s really exciting to see what the game is offering this time around, and it continues to push the boundaries as it provides us with a very interesting and also incredibly fun experience. It’s unlike anything that you can find out there, and it’s very fun.

What will you do in POE Heist?

The new expansion is requiring you to hire skilled thieves as you try to do some rather risky heists. The idea here is that you must steal artifacts in order to train and also fund the crew as they prepare for a grand heist. The addition is very interesting, the thieves are diverse and the fact that you must train them and come up with all sorts of creative ideas is what really sets the tone for something new and different here. The level of immersion is incredible, and they do a very good job at bringing in exciting additions to the core gameplay loop.

Hiring specialists

If you want to pull off a heist, then you must know where the artifact is located and also what type of defenses are there. You can find contracts all over the harbor and a variety of clues that you can turn in so you can hire the right people for the heist. It’s a good mini-game idea since it adds a lot of unique feels and options to the game. It’s very immersive, but at the same time it constantly encourages you to try off something new, and you will be quite amazed with the way everything comes together and the features you receive.

How can you execute the heist?
This is pretty much like a normal heist, you need to know where it takes place, plan accordingly and escape. If you can’t escape the heist, then all the items you got will be lost. That means you need to support the rogue as they try to bypass the security. You don’t want anyone to raise the alarm, since this will close the facility and going out of that situation will be very hard. Run as soon as you got the items and prepare to deal with a lot of guards. This is a race to the finish for the most part, but it will constantly push the boundaries and it will be very difficult. You really need to find the right way to plan, and remember that no two situations are the same. That’s what makes the game so challenging, but in the end it can be very fun if you do it right.

New loot

There are some alternate quality gems and they are bringing more depth for the support and skill gems. You will have 3 alternate quality versions for those gems, bringing in even more exciting ways for you to empower your character. The idea is great and very immersive, and you always end up getting some exciting ideas. 
You will also notice POE Heist is adding replica uniques and experimented base types. They are very interesting, unique and exciting to go through just because you have so much cool stuff to explore and enjoy. The game constantly continues to bring in new ideas, and these item bases with exotic properties will certainly make you play more and more.
POE Heist also comes with body armor and weapon enchantments. These will bring in a variety of new modifiers that make your gear even better than ever before. Obviously some of the items will have a few drawbacks here and there, but for the most part they can be rather beneficial. You never really know how to manage and handle everything, yet if you tackle everything correctly, then the results can be very impressive all the time.

Dealing with challenges

There’s a curse-focused skill and you also have a new curse support gem. These curses can be very interesting based on how you use them, and they will give the upper edge as you try to eliminate your enemies. It’s definitely a huge undertaking, but the payoff can be amazing. The game also revamped steel skills with the introduction of shards. These are a lot more interesting because you get to do extra damage, use steel projectiles and you have more ammo. Stuff like this always makes a difference, and it will push your experience to the next level really fast.
POE Heist is releasing September 18 and it will bring in front its new league, 6 new spells and all the stuff listed above. In total, you have 12 new divination cards, visual revamp to skills, 25 unique items and many others. But the most exciting thing for a lot of people is that POE Heist is finally coming to Mac OS as well. So if you love the game and you want to play it on your Mac, starting with the release date of the expansion you can do that. All the content will be up to date with the PC version too!

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