Skill Revamps in 3.3.0


Path of Exile has come to huge revamp for the new skills with the 3.3.0 release that started in June with Incursion Challenge League. This is quite the change, that spans over a huge range of characters in the game. We are here to let you know more about those changes.

Making the underused skills a lot more usable Path of Exile has a ton of old skills that are not that good. Sure, some of them are good for destroying bosses or dealing more damage, but in the end game you don't really have a good outcome. The Ice Spear for example is good for the crit based builds at the mid range bosses, yet it's not good if you have lots of enemies to deal with. That's why Path of Exile is set to improve skills like this one.  
And the upgrades are not coming solely from a skill perspective. Some of the skills also come with a much better set of visuals, something that you need in such a situation. You will see that Cold Snap is one of them, as it works quite nicely and it offers great customization.

The developers are skill testing skills and they want to find new ways to improve those underused ones but the focus is on the end game. Even if a skill is good against smaller bosses, the underused Path of Exile skills will be revised and focused on the end game situations.

Skill themes are fleshed out
It seems that the future skill developments will involve focusing on the skill themes that can give a character style and more value here. The Corpse based skills are a good example here. They want to improve the old skills that share mechanics and weapon types, all so they can deliver a much better and more valid there in that perspective.

New play styles
A lot of people stick to the regular play styles because it's better and simpler for them. Essence Drain as well as Contagion for example are offering some new gameplay ideas, but the developers want to add more skills that feel like a new play style here.
The idea is that they want to add a new setup for some skills like Charged Dash where the area damage is not coming with any overlapping. Again, the focus is on quality and value more than anything, and it's certainly the type of thing that can do wonders for you most of the time. The thing you need to keep in mind is that there are multiple skill revamps in the game with the new update. Yet not all of them will be there, some planned changes will arrive after the patch release.

Lightning Trap
There won't be a cooldown here anymore, and you will also get a much better crit chance. They are also offering a better critical strike chance against the shocked enemies.

New changes
The trap specific support gem will help you create frenzy and power charges. They are also making some changes to the shadow starting area where you will find passives that increase trap damage. They are also going to include some unique things such as adding in trap skills that are designed to boost the trap limit quite a bit.

Vaal core mechanic changes
For starters, the Vaal skill gems will offer the regular and also Vaal version of that skills. The rare and unique enemies will grant souls to Vaal as they lose life. The Vaal skills will also prevent gaining Vaal souls for a short amount of time as well. Also, the Ancestral Call Support doesn't support the Vaal skills. And finally, the Vaal Souls are now stores per skill instead of per gem.

Vaal Double Strike
The doubles spawned are increased, not to mention the number of uses you can store is increased too. The skill also has additional damage against the bleeding enemies. There are some adjustments to the Vaal skills in general, but those are simpler and they may arrive in other patches, not this one!

As always, you can count on us about the POE currencies, which will be available at us few days after the release, with the same delivery speed and friendly prices.

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