Staying alive with Blood Rage


The skill gem Blood Rage is mostly used by Low Life character builds. At any given moment, being under 35% of your maximum Hit Points is considered “Low Life.” Staying at low life constantly can be easily achieved by linking a Blood Magic support gem to any aura, which will reserve 40 to 60% the character's life instead of mana. For these builds, your hero will also need massive life regeneration effects, such as life on hit, life leech, life per kill, or life regeneration per second.

You can get these effects from various support gems, items, and/or passive skill nodes. The main reason behind this is that you want to stay at low life (under 35% of maximum) but avoid going much lower, to prevent your character from dying. But what does the Blood Rage gem do?

It will drain your Hit Points slowly over time, with chaos damage taken every second (high chaos resist are important here because it can and will reduce this damage), and while taking damage is not good at all, the hero will also get some very powerful temporary buffs that do more than just make up for the health loss while. These buffs are: Increased Attack Speed, Life Leech, and an extra Frenzy Charge for every enemy killed while the effect of Blood Rage lasts. Since the Attack Speed buff only applies when you are at sub-35% hit points, it is recommended to low-life builds mostly, as these builds can achieve a permanent state of Blood Rage. Remember, you can buy Path of Exile items including Blood Rage skill gem and all the others at our website in no time.

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