The league system in Path of Exile


In Path of Exile, leagues are an essential element of the core gameplay experience and vastly modify the way you play the game. In this guide, we will walk you through each type of league, and what they contain.

The accumulated wealth of players in challenge leagues gets poured into the permanent parent leagues after their rotation giving it an ever-growing amount of resources. So if you are looking to try out something expensive, this is the league to do so.

We should also mention void league here, which acts, as I like to call it, as a trophy league, where you cannot access the created character or stash. After some specific leagues, your character will be sent here instead of the other permanent leagues.

Temporary leagues:
Differing from permanent leagues these leagues have a certain duration, which can vary from days to months. These are usually defined by a specific modifier, gimmick, or feature the permanent leagues' lack. When the league ends characters will be transferred to their respective permanent league.

Challenge leagues:
Challenge leagues get released in a thirteen-week cycle. Two new leagues are added, and the previous two challenge leagues get removed. These leagues come with the intent to test new content to add to the permanent leagues. Also, it comes out with a fresh economy. So if you are looking to give yourself a headstart in an upcoming challenge league we humbly suggest you take a look at our shop. Similar to temporary leagues when a challenge league ends, characters along with their stash will be sent to their respective parent leagues.

Race leagues:
These leagues are temporary leagues created for a single race event. Race leagues have their own stashes, and when they end, stashes and characters get moved to their parent leagues, either their parent leagues or void.

Private leagues:
Basically, these are purchasable custom-made leagues that can have additional modifiers to make Path of Exile a more challenging experience similar to private servers in any other game. Private leagues can be based on permanent or current challenge leagues. The duration of this league and additional player slots can be purchased with an option to allow players to contribute to the purchase. 

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