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In Path of Exile, The Lord's Labyrinth is a crucial part of character advancement. In this guide, we will give you a short breakdown of the main features of the Labyrinth and how it works. 

The Normal Labyrinth allows gloves enchantments. The Cruel Labyrinth allows glove and boots enchants. The Merciless Labyrinth allows all three glove, boot, and helmet enchants. The Eternal Labyrinth is the same as Merciless with stronger modifiers. You also have various means to get additional uses of the Divine Font.

The Labyrinth must be completed four times to reach your character's highest potential. The first completion on normal lets you choose your Ascendancy Class with two Ascendency points ready to be used. Each of the seven characters has different options to Ascend to. Ascension increases the player's abilities and strengths. Further completions on increasing difficulties will provide additional two Ascendancy points up to a maximum of eight points.

How to get access to the Labyrinths?

The Trials of Ascendancy are areas to be discovered as you travel through the Wraeclast. Each trial contains specific type of traps. You can enter to the Labyrinth of the specified difficulty only if you have completed the associated trials. Normal, Cruel, Merciless, and Eternal's also require completion of the previous Labyrinth in addition to completion of the specified trials below.

Where are the Trials?

The trials always will be at the listed zones, but have a variable locations within the zone.

You have to complete all trials to get access to the Normal Labyrinth (Monster level: 33):

The Lower Prison, Act 1, contains Spike traps.
The Crypt Level 1, Act 2, contains Spinning blades.
The Chamber of Sins Level 2, Act 2, contains Sawblades.
The Crematorium, Act 3, contains Furnace traps.
The Catacombs, Act 3, contains Blade sentries.
The Imperial Gardens, Act 3, contains Dart traps.

The Trial Plaque is available for checking at the end of the trials and Act 3 or Act 8 in the town (The Sarn Encampment).

Cruel Labyrinth (Monster level: 55):

The Prison, Act 6, contains Spike traps
The Crypt, Act 7, contains Spinning blades
The Chamber of Sins Level 2, Act 7, contains Sawblades

Merciless Labyrinth (Monster level: 68) :

The Bath House, Act 8, contains Furnace traps
The Tunnel, Act 9, contains Blade sentries
The Ossuary, Act 10, contains Dart traps

Trials for the Eternal Labyrinth (Monster level 75) will be found randomly on maps:

Trial of Piercing Truth, contains Spike traps
Trial of Swirling Fear, contains Spinning blades
Trial of Crippling Grief, contains Sawblades
Trial of Burning Rage, contains Furnace traps
Trial of Lingering Pain, contains Blade sentries
Trial of Stinging Doubt,contains Dart traps

At the end of each Eternal trial you will be rewarded with an Offering to the Goddess. It's important because each run for the Eternal Labyrinth requires one Offering to the Goddess to enter.

Room icons explanation

This area doesn't have any special rooms or features.

Aspirant's Trial
You can fight with Izaro here. There is another room with a stash before you go in to Izaro's room.

Forgotten Reliquary
It contains decorative chest with a trinket in it.Trinkets are  intended to make the encounter with Izaro easier by nullifying or instantly killing or removing one mechanic mobs/spawns of that fight. Can only spawn before the first or second battle.

Gold Door
Are contains a goold door which has to be opened to proceed to the next area. It requires a gold key. In non-Eternal Labs, the golden key is in the same room.

Golden Key
Only shows up in Eternal labs. These rooms are always attached to the areas with gold door but can also be reached through a secret passage.

Silver Cache
This area contains a locked room with a special chest or a Mysterious Darkshrine that grand a random effect.There are four darkshrines in each run. They are found by pulling switches on the walls. The minimap will show the passageway. Silver door require a silver key to open. Normal and cruel labs these are in the same room.

Silver Key
Are contains silver key. Only show up in Merciless and eternal labs.


There are many different traps in the labyrinths.They can be deadly.They deal damage that scales with the player's life and energy shield pool. Traps can also damage monsters, but they deal less damage to minions.

Blade Sentries
It has specified path and deal physical damage over time.
It deals more damage if you are closer to the center of them.

Furnace traps
These are areas of burning ground. It deals fire damage over time.
They turn off and on every few seconds.

Sawblade Traps
It has specified straight line path on the ground.
They deal physical damage over time.

Poisonous Darts
It fired from walls or pillars in every few seconds or if you stepped on a pressure plate.
They deal physical and chaos damage.Also applying a slowing poison to you.

Spike Traps
Spiked traps can be timed or pressure sensitive.
It shoot out of the ground and deal physical damage and apply a bleed for a short period of time.

Spinning Pillars
They move along set tracks that allow them turn and deal physical damage over time.

Sentinel Traps
Sentinel Traps can be found exclusively at The Eternal Labyrinth and at the map trials.

Sentinels apply various effects to a players within its range. They look like a totem, you can destroy them and disable it for a few seconds, but it will respawn. Sentinels can cast fire, ice, shock nova. Also other types have hindering effects like remove flask charges, increasing damage take, or cursing temporal chains.

Within the Labyrinth you can find extra objectives. Sometime these can be worth to search, but it completely optional.

Point of Interest:
The above mentioned extra mechanics, which can be very rewarding (depends on your luck), are the following.

  • Dark Shrine
  • Gauntlets
  • Puzzles
  • Argus
  • Secret routes

Mysterious Dark Shrines:

  • Be twice blessed.
  • The character will receive an additional use of the Divine Font. This effect can be gained more than once per Labyrinth, but multiple effects will not stack.
  • To the worthy go the spoils.
  • Izaro will drop one additional unique item when defeated in the final encounter.
  • Discover what lies within.
  • Izaro will drop one additional Treasure Key when defeated in the final encounter.
  • Movement ceases, tension mounts.
  • Labyrinth traps are disabled in the final encounter with Izaro. (NOTE: Stationary traps will still deal damage.) This shrine effect can be gained in the Normal Labyrinth despite it having no effect; traps are always disabled in the Aspirant's Trial in the Normal Labyrinth.
  • The heart quickens, the blood thickens.
  • All areas within the Labyrinth gain the following modifiers:
  • 50% reduced Damage Taken from Hits from Labyrinth Traps
  • 50% reduced effectiveness of Damage over Time Debuffs from Labyrinth Traps on Players
  • Restore that which was lost.
  • The character and any party members in the Labyrinth are affected by a Replenishing Shrine until leaving the Labyrinth.
  • Courage stands tall.
  • The character and any party members in the Labyrinth are affected by a Massive Shrine until leaving the Labyrinth.
  • None shall stop you.
  • The character and any party members in the Labyrinth are affected by an Impenetrable Shrine until leaving the Labyrinth.
  • Deliver pain exquisite.
  • The character and any party members in the Labyrinth are affected by a Diamond Shrine until leaving the Labyrinth.
  • Hit hard. Hit once.
  • The character and any party members in the Labyrinth are affected by a Brutal Shrine until leaving the Labyrinth.
  • Death doesn't wait.
  • The character and any party members in the Labyrinth are affected by an Acceleration Shrine until leaving the Labyrinth.
  • A portal to Izaro appears.
  • Opens a portal to the next Aspirant's Trial.

Extra Treasure keys can be obtained by killing Argus or opening Curious Lockboxes. Argus is a boss monster found in the Merciless and Eternal Labyrinth.

Izaro's Treasure:
Izaro's Treasure may contain one of the following:

  • An Offering to the Goddess
  • Two additional Treasure Keys
  • Multiple maps (only in the Merciless Labyrinth and the Eternal Labyrinth)
  • Multiple Sacrifice Vaal fragments
  • Multiple divination cards
  • Multiple currency items
  • Multiple skill gems with quality
  • Multiple amulets, rings, belts and jewels
  • Multiple body armours, gloves, boots and helmets. Some may be corrupted.
  • Multiple weapons of all types. Some may be corrupted.
  • Multiple unique items
  • Players are timed from when they start the lab at the pedestal until they kill Izaro.
  • To be eligible for the normal leaderboards, players must be level 40 or lower.
  • To be eligible for the Cruel leaderboards, players must be level 60 or lower.
  • There are no level restrictions for the Merciless and Eternal leaderboards.

At midnight UTC, the following prizes will be awarded to the players who finished the Labyrinth the quickest that day:

  • Emperor's Cunning will be rewarded to the top player in normal Labyrinth
  • Emperor's Wit will be rewarded to the top player in Cruel Labyrinth
  • Emperor's Might will be rewarded to the top player in Merciless Labyrinth
  • Emperor's Mastery will be rewarded to the top player in the Eternal Labyrinth


The pictures in this article are the property of Grinding Gear Games and are only used for informational purposes with the intention to help players.

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