War for the Atlas

Path of Exile - War for the Atlas. Last modified: 2018.06.11

On December 8th, Path of Exile launches its new expansion, called War for the Atlas and it will be launched along with a new 3 months challenge league, Abyss.

Path of Exile War for the Atlas includes high variety of new content such as new bosses, 32 new maps, new Shaped and Elder items and over 50 new unique items. War for the Atlas also presents ten new gems (4 active skills and 6 support skills) for Path of Exile players.
Together with the new spell gems, unique items and maps, the new expansion will also bring us six new divination cards, giving us the opportunity to get items like Chin Sol, Corrupted unique jewel, Unidentified Tier 16, Superior portal gem and Meginord`s Girdle belt.

New skill gems

GGG announced the release of 10 new gems, but at this very moment we have detailed informations for only 8 of them. All the active skills are based around manipulating the corpses.
With the Cremation skill gem for example, when you kill an enemy you can make it explode, then its corpse will deal area damage and turns the corpse into a volcanic geyser which repeatedly unleashes projectiles over the surrounding area.

The next new skills gem is called Unearth and it fires and projectile, that pierces through enemies and creates a bone archer in the area where it lands.

Bodyswap is the third skill gem which allows you to make your own bodies explode, together with a targeted nearby corpse, dealing fire damage around it.

The last announced new gem is called Volatile Dead, again based on fire damage. With this skill you can explode corpses dealing damage in a small area and creating an orb that’s moving towards nearby enemies before dealing spell damage in a large area.
Those new gems are giving opportunities for new builds, and a different playstyle.

Abyss Challenge League details

At the beginning on the Abyss League players will have the opportunity for a fresh start. As the players explore the different zones, cracks open up in the ground that ripple out ahead. Following these cracks, as quickly as players can keep up will lead them to more and more monsters. The cracks will end with a giant hole with hordes of enemies and a challenging bosses. If you are quick enough with your spells, you can claim a valuable reward. The exlusive Abyssal unique items can only be dropped by the bosses of these events.

Information about the Atlas change

The Atlas was first introduced to Path of Exile on its fifth expansion Atlas of Worlds. In the latest expansion War for the Atlas an ancient beast, known as The Elder has challenged the Lord of the Atlas - Shaper. Who will win in this war? That largely depends on the player.

For example, if you complete an Elder map, it means that now The Elder has lost control of that area, which may mean that now The Shaper can push into that area if he is nearby. Likewise, it’s possible to play Shaper maps and have a chance to stop The Shaper’s influence.

Worried about Currencies?

Don't be. We will be here and we will be available for selling Path of Exile items on a friendly price during the Abyss league. Let it be Path of Exile Exalted Orb, Orb of Fusing, Orb of Regret or Chaos Orb, we will have them all a few days after the content releases. Our selection will also include wide selection of Path of Exile Unique Items, POE Gems and Maps.

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