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On December 8th, Path of Exile launches its new expansion, called War for the Atlas and it will be launched along with a new 3 months challenge league, Abyss.

Path of Exile War for the Atlas includes high variety of new content such as new bosses, 32 new maps, new Shaped and Elder items and over 50 new unique items. War for the Atlas also presents ten new gems (4 active skills and 6 support skills) for Path of Exile players.
Together with the new spell gems, unique items and maps, the new expansion will also bring us six new divination cards, giving us the opportunity to get items like Chin Sol, Corrupted unique jewel, Unidentified Tier 16, Superior portal gem and Meginord`s Girdle belt.

The last announced new gem is called Volatile Dead, again based on fire damage. With this skill you can explode corpses dealing damage in a small area and creating an orb that’s moving towards nearby enemies before dealing spell damage in a large area.
Those new gems are giving opportunities for new builds, and a different playstyle.

For example, if you complete an Elder map, it means that now The Elder has lost control of that area, which may mean that now The Shaper can push into that area if he is nearby. Likewise, it’s possible to play Shaper maps and have a chance to stop The Shaper’s influence.

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